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Content Development, Photography and Videography

Content Development

You need a unique cocktail for an event, social media posts or press release? We not only use our photography expertise for cocktails but we have also extended our work into the travel, venue and hotel sector. We love to travel to different cities and work with restaurants, bars, and hotels to capture our unique perspective. Little Lane works with some of the most respected videographers in their field to produce content for recipes, destination and venue features, and all other video needs. We can curate a package depending on the needs and budget of each client.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social media is a part of everyday life, and we have become "experts" on account growth and management throughout the years. Transform your social media presence with high-quality content and frequent engagement. There are different levels of management we would be happy to discuss with you and we can grow your brand through all channels, including Instagram and Facebook. 

Training, Seminars and Education

Training & Education

We relish the opportunity to share our wealth of knowledge with the greater community at conferences and events. We can tailor a seminar for any occasion, from small private groups, your in-house sales team or a fully booked convention hall at your next big event. Our popular "Stepping up Your Social Media Game",  seminar, covers how to best use your content and gain visibility online; with the understanding that you already have the content. However, we also host seminars on how to garner relationships with social influencers in your community and beyond, as well as content creation.

About Us


Knowledge & Experience

Little Lane Media arose from a demand within our industry that we knew we could fill. Our company began as Beautiful Booze Cocktails, a social media agency that covers topics from cocktails, bars, and restaurants, to hotels, and a variety of products around the globe, to a full-service content development and social media management company. We love publishing content on the Beautiful Booze network for our audience, however, we are also constantly looking for new avenues to share our photography and journalism.


Building Great Reputations

Our content has been picked up by media sources such as BuzzFeed, The Feed Feed, Huffington Post,, Cosmopolitan, The Today Show, Country Living, Metro UK, Food & Wine, The Points Guy, Vogue, and many more. Beautiful Booze is frequently acknowledged in top social media account roundups from other blogs and agencies. Using our expertise from this we expanded to create Little Lane Media and now concentrate on content development for companies all around the globe.


Engagement - Earned, Not Purchased

We believe in building a genuine community and not implementing any questionable techniques to garner results for our clients. Our promise is to build you a community of engaged, authentic followers, who go beyond liking your photos and are engaged in your product. 

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Digital Storytelling

Let us tell your story for you! 

Telling your unique story through video can capture your audience's attention and show them another side of your brand. Engaging with your audience through a professionally produced video can tell your story better than any image.

"Don’t tell me why your product is great; show me an amazing story that allows me to discover that on my own." Neil Myers; Forbes

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